Balinese Dance - the Door to the Unseen

Balinese dance was created and has been performed as the offering
to the deities of Bali. This is still the case today. Every temple
anniversary is celebrated with sacred dances that are performed with
certain religious preparation. Dance is also irreplaceable
entertainment in otherwise rather plain Balinese village life. Balinese
people grow up watching the same dances again and again at
numerous religious ceremonies and rites of passage rituals.  Hence,
dance is an integral part of their spiritual life.

While self-expression is highly encouraged in Western dances,
Balinese dance begins with emptying “self” (letting go one’s ego), so
that archetype of the particular dance is accommodated and be given
form in the dancer’s body. For the Balinese, dance is a medium for
traveling between “Sekala” (the world of form) and “Niskala” (the
world of spirits).  It is the alchemy of body and spirit.
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"I was so nourished by your work both at the Abode of the Message in New York and at our center here in Vermont.
The dances and workshops you led were so full of beauty, mastery and wisdom. I was more than a participant/audience
member – I became a traveler in my inner world, exploring my own feelings and life circumstances. I felt more accepting of
myself, and more hopeful about the possibilities of how I might be with others, and myself, thanks to your presentation.
                                                                                                                     Luz Elena Morey, Mahalo Art Center
                                                                                                                     Vermont, USA