Arts Integrated Lessons (PreK-12)

Purnama Sari's arts integration programs align with grade appropriate education
standards and include study guides, lesson plans, and resources.

Balinese shadow Puppet Theatre & Puppet Making Workshop (preK-5)

Mask Dances from Bali; Mask
Dance Theatre presentation and Mask Making Workshop  

Ramayana: Balinese Dance-Drama & Hindu Culture (3-12)
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Performances at Schools (K-12)

Purnama Sari performs Balinese dance, theatre, and shadow puppet theatre
as part of arts integrated lessons or stand alone presentations.

Dance-drama; Ramayana
Dance-drama; Rajapala
Dance-drama; The Frog Prince
Dance-drama; Sutasoma

Wayang Kulit: shadow puppet performance

The world of Balinese mask dances

Travel to Bali; dance and culture

Purnama Sari has been presenting educational and entertaining programs at preK-12 schools, pubic libraries, festivals, and other appropriate
venues. Incorporating Balinese performing arts into core academic subjects, such as Social Studies and Science, greatly enhances students'
learning of the subject matter.