Balinese Dance Repertoire

Puspa Mekar, Panyenbrama, Pendet, Sekar Jagat, Gabor  (welcome dance)   
Rejang Dewa (purification ritual dance)     
Legong Lasem (court dance)   
Legong Jobog (court dance)
Legong Semaradana (court dance)
Gambuh (five hundred year old dance theater)
Joged Pingitan (solo dance-drama)
Cendrawasih (bird of paradise dance)
Baris (warrior dance - male)                        
Taruna Jaya (warrior dance - female)
Wira Yudah (warrior dance - children)
Palawakia (dance and chanting - young king)
Oleg Tamulilingan (bumblebee dance)
Margapati (lion king dance),                         
Kebyar Duduk (sitting dance)
Topeng Jauk (mask dance; trickster)
Topeng Telek (mask dance; forest spirit)
Topeng Dalem (mask dance; king)
Topeng Smariani (mask dance; clown)
Topeng Penasar (mask dance; clown-servant)
Topeng Keras (mask dance; minister)
Topeng Lucu (mask dance; clown)
Topeng Tua (mask dance; old man)                
Topeng Sidha Karya (mask dance; shaman)
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"I have been to Bali and experienced Balinese dance while there.  I can truly say that these dances of Purnama Sari are authentic and beautiful, as
in Bali. To see these dances here, in a country so far from their places of origin, adds a new dimension. It magnifies the universality of the dances
and grounds their ancient and exotic nature into our contemporary and multi-cultural lives.
                                                                                                                                                                       Nancy Hellebrand, Florida, USA
           Venue Sampler


University of Hawaii Hilo Performing Arts Center, Hawaii, USA
Tablao de Paulette, Puerto Rico, USA
El Sindicato, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Volcano Art Center, Hawaii, USA
Katherine Cornell Theatre, Massachusetts, USA
East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hawaii, USA


Asian Culture Festival, Florida, USA
North Charleston Arts Festival, North Charleston, SC
Heart of Gainesville Asian Culture Festival, Florida, USA
Marie Selby Botanical Garden Asian Cultural Festival, Florida, USA
Arts World Wide, Florida, USA


Children's Museum, New Mexico, USA
Lichtenstein Museum, Massachusetts, USA
South Florida Museum, Florida, USA


Sarasota County Public Schools, Florida, USA
Wake County Public Schools, North Carolina, USA


Nantucket Athenium, Massachusetts, USA
Sarasota County Library System, Florida, USA
Albuquerque Library System, New Mexico, USA
Manatee County Library System, Florida, USA

Purnama Sari has performed at a variety of venues including
retirement living facilities, temples, ashrams, private functions, and
community events, serving thousands of people internationally.
Photo courtesy of Danie Perales