Family Programs

Purnama Sari offers a variety of programs for families with young
children.  All the family programs are audience participatory. The
audience members are often invited to try Balinese masks and basic
dance movements or take roles in dance-dramas. They also learn
about uniqueness of Balinese culture in a fun atmosphere. The goals of
the family programs are entertainment and to foster children's interest
in other cultures, as well as love for beauty.
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Purnama Sari’s family programs include;

Dance-drama; Ramayana
Dance-drama; Rajapala
Dance-drama; The Frog Prince
Dance-drama; Sidha Karya

Wayang Kulit: shadow puppet performance and puppet making workshop

The world of Balinese mask dances

Travel to Bali; dance and culture

Fun with Balinese crowns

Creative movement, in Balinese style (Balinese dance workshop)
"It was a special treat to have you perform for our first program of the summer. The graceful and theatrical dance movements were beautiful.
Providing the audience the opportunity to act like monkeys and try on the masks allowed the children to feel part of the program. You wisely
used this opportunity to diffuse energy so they would be ready for the folktale dance that followed. Thank you for introducing our patrons to
some Balinese culture through you beautiful costumes and dance music.

                                                                                                             Libby Rupert
                                                                                                             Children's Services Supervisor
                                                                                                             Manatee County Central Library, Florida, USA
"This was a wonderful program. Surapsari was very enthusiastic and
did a wonderful job of incorporating the children into the story to
perform different parts. The children eagerly waited to see what mask
urapsari would be wearing between musical pieces. The children,
parents, and grandparents very much enjoyed learning about
Balinese culture!"
 Youth Services Staff    

Cape Coral Library, Cape Coral, FL