"I found the demonstrations by Indra and Surapsari, the husband and
wife co-founders of the troupe, fully engaging. I was fascinated by
their minute isolations of fingers, eyes, hips, shoulders and hands."
                        Carrie Seidman, Herald Tribune

"To experience the artistry of Purnama Sari is to become intrigued by
the mystical and magical culture of Bali along with the performers who
have dedicated themselves to illuminating this world."
                        Amy Swan, West Hawaii Today

"Stunning performances - rewarding, healing, hypnotic. Wonderful
cultural experience."
                        Isaac Frazer, Big Island Weekly

Read a full article,
No tourist fare, Purnama Sari offers real
Balinese dancing, by Carrie Seidman, Herald-Tribune (01/27/2012)

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Mysterious Ways, by Heidi Kurpiela, The
Observer (01/19/2011)

Read a full article,
Purnama Sari Balinese Dance Company
performs for East Hawaii Cultural Center, by Isaac Frazer, Big
Island Weekly (03/18/2009)

Read a full article
, The Dance of Bali; combining spiritual,
mystical and timeless form by Amy Swan, West Hawaii Today
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"The Purnama Balinese Dance Company was a tremendous hit with
people of all ages at our Heart of Florida Asian Festival. From great
humor to moments of exquisite beauty, they covered all the bases and
made everyone very  happy. I look forward to the next time we work
                 Bill Hutchinson, City of Gainesville Cultural Affairs

"Purnama Sari was absolutely breathtaking! Their presentation was
fascinating, executed with both precision and grace, and the costumes
were gorgeous. A true must-see!"
                 Emily Chalker Lane, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

"It was a special treat to have you perform for our first program of the
summer. The graceful and theatrical dance movements were beautiful.
Providing the audience the opportunity to act like monkeys and try on the
masks allowed the children to feel part of the program."
                 Libby Rupert, Manatee Country Central Library

"Regarding your work with the children at our summer camp, I found your
style of encouraging their own self expression quite effective.  They
absolutely loved the ancient story and gave their best to the performance,
really shining authentically, and all of them stretching into new terrain.  
They appeared relaxed and were able to delight and engage the
                Luz Elena Morey, Mahalo Art Center

"Purnama Sari came and did two different programs for us at the South
Manatee Public Library for our Summer Reading series. These creative
and interesting performances were well received by both the children and
adults. They really held the attention of our school aged youth with
wonderful costumes and storytelling. The Shadow Puppet performance
was my favorite with the intricately crafted puppets. Following the
performance, they did a workshop session where the children made their
own shadow puppets and were able to perform. This was such a great
learning opportunity and a lot of fun for them. We will certainly be inviting
Purnama Sari back to our library for another visit."
                Christine Culp, Manatee County Library System
Photo courtesy of Tami Garcia
Photo courtesy of Rafael Buxeda Diaz