Wayang Kulit: Balinese Shadow Puppet Theatre

Shadow puppet is a popular entertainment throughout southeastern Asia.  
In Bali, it has been performed for over a thousand years and is a fixture at
temple ceremonies. The majority of Wayang Kulit stories are taken from
the “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana”, the great Hindu epics from India.
The puppets represent all the possibilities of human nature. Each
character has his or her own strength and flaws; no one can be perfect.
The underlying theme common to all Wayang Kulit stories are the struggle
between good and evil, based on the Balinese philosophy of Rwa
Bhineda. Rwa Bhineda means “two opposite forces deriving from the one
source”. Maintaining the balance between opposite forces is the most
important task for the Balinese in all dimensions of life.  

Purnama Sari offers a Wayang Kulit performance based on the Ramayana
story, the adventurous tale full of heroism and friendship. This
presentation is often followed by a shadow puppet making workshop for
children. Young participants will learn how to make a shadow puppet with
a movable part and try out their puppet with a screen and light.  
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"Purnama Sari came and did two different programs for us at the South Manatee Public Library for our Summer Reading series. These creative    
and interesting performances were well received by both the children and adults. They really held the attention of our school aged youth with
wonderful costumes and storytelling. The Shadow Puppet performance was my favorite with the intricately crafted puppets.  Following the
performance, they did a workshop session where the children made their own shadow puppets and were able to perform. This was such a great
learning opportunity and a lot of fun for them. We will certainly be inviting Purnama Sari back to our library for another visit."
                                                                                                              Christine Culp
                                                                                                              Youth Librarian
                                                                                                              Manatee County Library System, Florida, USA